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One of the eldest glamorous beach restaurants on the island, Sol y Mar caters to its own lines of sun beds and umbrellas with great service and comfort. The lively main restaurant features a refined menu that encompasses fresh catches of the day paired with the stylish ambience, musical background throughout the day with lounge and chill-out tunes.
Kalo Livadi is a lovely and well-organized beach where you can sip your drinks all day long; just across the street is located Solymar beach bar & restaurant. We only came here for sunset cocktails, a great vibe with cool Mykonos-style lounge music. Immediately we loved this place so the day after we were back for a fabulous late lunch. Among the appetizers absolutely don’t miss Carpaccio Tuna, Avocado Tartar, Solymar salad, fresh clams, gialisteres and oysters accompanied by the Greek rose wine, our choice was Alpha. Seafood is their specialty and they even have a little pool with lobsters crawling around, so we went for it. The food was fresh and delicious. SolyMar means excellent quality of Mediterranean cuisine, fun and entertainment, that’s why it creates memorable parties with famous DJs and events, brings its flavors to your own space or organizes unforgettable happenings. The Cycladic architecture is in perfectly harmony with the sea and Myconian landscape. Marios Tsouris, the acclaimed chef of the restaurant, combines Mediterranean cuisine with ethnic data and creates an aesthetically gastronomy. The colors, the smells, the sound of the sea and the helpful staff will always be the reason to go back there again.

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