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Born as an extension of the popular club in Chora, Jackie O’ Beach is a joyous and unique venue for a day on Super Paradise. Comfy sun beds in a chic atmosphere are found on the beach below the restaurant and around its pool overlooking the sea, which later on in the day becomes a stage for entertaining drag queen shows, enhanced by a stylish bar with all the latest summer tunes. A Mykonos Must.
In the location of Super Paradise Beach a Jackie 'O is a perfect solution with a 150 seat restaurant, large open bar, pool, jacuzzi and private lounge areas, its own church for ceremonies, a little boutique and beach front area. Inspired by an ancient Greek Amphitheater style, with the turquoise sandy bay setting the stage for the ancient Greek gods of the sun (Helios/Apollon), wind (Aeolos) and sea to perform (Posidonios). The creation took almost 9 month, a true labor of love with its many sculptural elements and view points, creating a unique ambience of ‘primitive luxury‘.

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