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Tucked under the famous 5 windmills of Mykonos Town, this reputable restaurant has much to impress. Fresh fish and good local produce are its forte; perfectly grilled fish are matched by a lively, friendly atmosphere with “Taverna” service. It heats up further at midnight with Greek music and lots of dancing on the table.
Sea Satin has remarkable location and is renowned as one of the most charming restaurants around Mykonos, literally sitting on the ocean: waves are actually crashing into the windows as you dine. Countless white tabletops line a gravel landscape as stray cats and energetic waiters in all white carry oversize platters and jugs of homemade dripping oils. Open-air dining under the bright sky coastal lights and candle lights. Fresh fish and good local products are its forte; a lively, friendly atmosphere with “Tavern” service matches perfectly grilled fish over-charcoal, superbly grilled T-bone steaks. Shellfish is a specialty, and everything is beautifully presented. In summer, live music and dancing add to the liveliness. Perfectly suitable for personalized special events such as anniversaries, weddings, bachelors, birthday parties, etc, Sea Satin is a reference in Mykonos. A well trained staff will assist in order to arrange the perfect setting for your celebration and make your event unforgettable.

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