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More than just a cocktail bar, it is a local institution that moved one door down from its historical location in Little Venice, the most beautiful district of Mykonos. You should definitely pop by for insanely good drinks and the perfect sunset. After hours, the music turns up and it's a great place to dance timeless signature music, something of a magical night.
The party at Little Venice starts from noon, but at the Caprice Bar, it is party time all day and night. The bar has a bohemian decoration and a good choice of music which attracts the young and energetic crowds, both Greek and international. The ambience is so lovely, and one can spend hours sitting on the narrow cobblestone pavement, which separates the bar from the water, sipping your favorite cocktail and watching the parades of holidaymakers taking a stroll on the seafront. The Caprice has an entrance at the front and the back side, and can get really crowded in high season. It offers a wide choice of exotic cocktails which the bars in Little Venice are famous for and it is a great place to stop by from the beach or on the way to the club for a night out. On days, when the Caprice is not so crowded, the bar is a perfect spot for a romantic evening out for honeymooners. Listen to the old numbers that are a throwback to your college days and watch the glorious sunset of Mykonos against the backdrop of the ancient windmills adding to the spectacle.

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